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Due to the great legacy and popularity of wrestling in Maharashtra, it was only a matter of time before someone gave it its rightful place in mass culture. Zee Talkies is set to launch the Maharashtra Wrestling League. Indeed, the first channel to host such an event in the state of Maharashtra. Zee Talkies proudly brings to you the first ever regional league in the sport of Kusti – Zee Maharashtra Kusti Dangal.

About Zee Talkies

Top Rated Movie Channel of Maharashtra
  • Top Rated Movie Channel of Maharashtra
  • Rooted in Marathi Culture, with a legacy of Marathi Cinema
25th August 2007 was the historic launch date of the first ever 24-hour Marathi movie channel - Zee Talkies. Zee Network has always been a pioneer in the entertainment industry. With Zee Talkies, it brings to you all your favorite movies, stars, music and just all about Marathi movies in your living rooms on your TV screens 24x7 all-round the year.

About Kushti

Wrestling: A ballet with violence
Like many great traditions, wrestling or Kushti as it is known in the Indian sub-continent, cameabout, evolved and travelled across cultures before making India one of its homes. It originally came from the practice of Pehelwani. A regimen and way of life developed during the Mughal era. In the 6th century, Central Asian Mughals, incorporated groundwork into the local Malla Yuddha, thereby creating modern kushti. In fact, the words ‘pehelwani’ and ‘kushti’ come from the Persian terms pahalvani and koshti respectively. A practitioner of this sport is referred to as a Pehelwan, while teachers are known as Ustads.